Hello all. New to here. Used to build PC's years ago and was trying to fix my laptop.

I repaired the power jack in the back that broke when the laptop was dropped. Caused it now to power up at all. Now the unit turns back on and goes through the CMOS boot, but it asks what to boot from CD, LAN, HD, etc. I have a feeling my HD isn't working. Could a fall from a coffee table cause this? And what (if anything) would the repair (solder) I did to the power jack have effected my HD from not working.

Any help would be appreciated. The model is an HP ZT1000 with Windows XP.

Thanks. John.


Like I said, everything else works fine. The screen, CMOS, DVD drive, etc. I tried to use the factory recovery software and it give an error message. Forget what it was, but it seemed like something related to not being able to communicate with the HD.

I don't hear the HD making its normal crunching noises and the HD doesn't respond to any diagnostic software. I think the HD died in the process when the laptop was dropped. Are they that sensitive from being only dropped from about 1 1/2 feet?