Are these hardwares good an compatible to assemble a nice Desktop PC ?
Hello all beautifull readers of my question , I am gonna assemble two desktop PCs , with the following specification which the seller has suggested me o buy and since I am software developer the speed is the most important criterian for me , speed for booting OS , Runnin application , their compilation , but I am not involved in graphic designs at all , so please consider the information below and tell me whether these are good and enough or they can act better by changin some and if yes is the difference prominent in speed when working !? Indeed consider please I dont wanna pay more than this total price ! I ll be lad if u spend time replyin me , all the bests
MainBoard : Asus P5K-C
CPU : Intel 4500
Ram : 4 GBPetriot Bus 800
Graphic : 7300 GS
H.D.D : 250 SATA
Power 350 W
Indeed ! Intel or Amd for speed !?

i really shouldn't be replying to this because there are people here who know more about hardware than I ,but i would think a bigger power supply and a better cpu for the board you are buying .

The power supply (PSU) is adequate if it is good quality. Do not buy a cheap PSU, a quality PSU is critical for stability.

The E6750 is the best buy in Core 2 Duo CPUs. From a speed standpoint, you would be better served with a less expensive motherboard and an E6750 CPU. The Asus non RAID P35 motherboard would make up the difference in CPU cost.