I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 that had a hard disk failure (read: locked spindle and fried motor due to spindle locking) and am in the market for a new one. I have seen the wealth of new and refurbished hard disks out there, all the form factors needed, and am trying to decide on one. I know I don't need anything extreme, 80-100 gigs would be perfect, and there are very reliable brands out there that have been refurbished. The question is this: is it wise to go for a cheaper refurbished drive, or pay the almost $100 more for a new drive? As for the ac adapter's failing, refurbished will do just fine after I get a couple of new batteries. Also, I am in the market for full upgrading to it in the areas of faster processor, socket 473, and better video. Any suggestions in those departments would be appreciated, though I would like to keep it limited to parts that would be the correct form factor of the laptop. Thanks for your answers.

you can alway go for the refurbished drive, you have to make sure its the size that advertised, the correct file system and the drive integrity, which is going to be extemely difficult. you run a risk with hard drives, but an even greater one with refurbished ones. as for doing upgrade on a laptop, apart from memory and the ocassional hard drive, dont waste your cash on that, save and get a better one. you would be saving approximately $150.00 on a refurbished, but think about the consequences down the line when it start to give a world of problems. maybe one week after you acquire it. when if you buy a new one you have at least one year warranty on it and you can pout that extra $150 to snazz it up. but it all comes down to what you can afford and peace of mind.

I'll have to agree with Bobbyraw, besides unless you run something like SeaTools on the drives you'll have no idea how much use it has had etc.

You're better of just getting a new drive matey, and leave referbs alone. You should try to avoid them like the plague, you've little idea of the history - was the previous owner careful and looked after it or were they a spotty 12 year old who had it in bits every other day?

I wouldn't go upgrading the processor on a laptop - it's just not worth it. Look on eBuyer - you'll find plenty of bargins on there.

Dazza :cool:

Thanks guys. In an almost eerie reinforcement to your advice, I looked at prices and remembered the old saying, "You get what you pay for" right as my browser was redirecting here...but anyway, it's a great laptop when it works, and I would love to get it working, so any suggestions on brands that have the better success rates on a 2.5" hard disk would be greatly appreciated. And price is no longer and obstacle...payday. And as for installation, I know how to do it, but should I take it in for the added safety of pro's and guarantees or no, that is the harder decision now. Once again, thanks for the help.


(Dell Inspiron 8100
Pentium III M 1000mhz
512 mb ram
32 mb video ram
Windows XP pro sp2 disk waiting to be installed
that's the poor system that needs a hard disk and ac adapter)