I have an Asus K8V SE deluxe mobo with 3 HDs: one IDE drive & 2 Samsung SATA drives (non RAID) The 1st sata is a SP1213C with win xp2 installed. The second sata is a brand new 500GB HD501LJ (not formatted yet). Both sata HDs are connected to a VIA VT8237 chipset.
I know the new drive is sata 3 & the via chip has a problem with the speed of this, so I have applied a jumper as per Samsungs suggestion which halves the speed of data transfer.
My problem is that I can set the bios which sees all 3 drives so that it boots correctly from sata1, but on a restart the bios loses the settings. I have tried various combinations of settings, but usually I end up with the bios only seeing the IDE drive, or if it does show all 3 drives, it puts the ide first in the boot order & won't boot.

Having typed this I think I will try disconnecting the new drive to see if I can boot successfully without it. Any other suggestions gratefully received.

PROBLEM SOLVED - It seems the mobo does not like 2 sata drives (non raid) connected to the via sata1 & 2 connections. I connected the new drive to the primary sata connector on the Promise raid chip & everything works correctly!!
So in summary, sata drive 1 with operating system is connected to via sata connector & drive 2 is connected to the Promise raid connector.

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