Last month, my PC would load the OS from startup, stay on the log in screen (Win XP Home) for as long as needed, but after logging in the screen would go black within 10 seconds. I did a system restore and it worked.

Last night I shut down my PC and now it's doing the exact same thing. Runs fine in Safe Mode, sits on the log in screen as long as I want, but after putting in my password the screen just dies. I took out the video card, dusted off the heatsink & fan and reseated it, then for giggles I reseated the RAM also. Then I tried system restore at 4 different points even dating back to a month earlier and it still goes to a blackscreen 10 seconds after logging in. It ran fine while on for a long time and just because I shut it down for the night it goes nuts? Cant quite figure it out.. any ideas?

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System restore is not always the best resolution to fix this issue. Because the sysem would be reset back to the settings of that particular date. and all the programs that were installed after that selected data would be lost..The main issue is to find the program that is creating this issue... If it is working fine in safe mode.. Then there is something that gets loaded in regular mode automatically which does not heppen in safe mode....
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