I do alot of Dreamweaver and Flash assignments for school, and I find that sometimes I have so many windows open that its pretty irritating. I would love to set-up a dual display similar to this look. The reason I want a dual display is so that I can move windows and panes within those programs to the other monitor while I continue to work in my main display window. (hopefully that makes sense) Even Photoshop actually. There is like 5 or 6 window panes that i would love to just move to another monitor so I can have more viewing room for whatever I am working on.

Number one - Is that possible?
Number two - what do I need to start a set-up described above?

NOTE: Keep in mind, I don't want two monitors so I can have one large display. I could buy a huge monitor if that was the case. I am looking to create a two desktop type of feel.

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Im not real sure, I could be wrong but I dont think what you are describing can be done with one monitor. Im pretty sure you will need two monitors and either one video card that supports two monitors or two video cards that support one monitor each. then it would be just a matter of setting the display properties.


If you're not comfortable opening your computer case, you can use an external solution such as the DualHead2Go (see http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/gxm/products/dh2go/home.php)

Wow, that "DualHead2GO" is sweet! I didn't even know that existed, thanks!

Upon browsing that site, I see this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, PERFECT! REally appreciate the insight my fellow DaniWeb member!

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