bios update failed on a compaq sr1910nx pc. the pc wont start. what do i do?

I personally haven't had a failed BIOS update but I have read that If a BIOS update fails that the motherboard could be rendered useless and therefore you will need a new motherboard.

No I am absolutely serious. BIOS is needed to start the computer and if the update was interupted or failed or if the BIOS was updated with the wrong version it is possible that you wont be able to recover from that.

nvr mind, i have the original mobo disk and i reinstalled the bios via crashfree bios and everything is up and running.

you are lucky. Usually bad flash = new motherboard

i just found out that asus boards have the easy flash thing, and gigabyte boards have one button bios recovery. Other desktop boards can be fixed via bios chip replacement (30USD).


dont buy a new mobo just yet!

i have read that you can put the bios cab file on a floppy and then put it in ur floppy, on the next attempted bootup wait a few mins (10) then turn off and try again!


oh... didnt see it was solved...