Hi, bought a gaming PC tower (with a top class nVidia graphics card) for the kids, Xmas, but sent it back cos of a couple of probs. It's arrived back with me and some problems persist.

When I switch on and boot-up (I assume it's booting up, as I can't see a screen), the Phillips LCD monitor stays black and the following message floats around -

Attention - No Video Input

The keyboard light will also go off after booting up, and remain off.

The same problems did sporadically happen before I sent it back (No Video Input message & keyboard lights), but it sorted itself out, and the monitor worked afterwards. (I sent it back anyway because there was another fault too, which is now rectified.) But now I can't get the monitor to work at all.

Being as the manufacturers couldn't find a fault with the monitor and keyboard connections at back of computer, I'm starting to think it may be a compatibility problem?

The keyboard is HP, the LCD Monitor is Phillips, and the PC is AMD Athlon Dual Core, with a top class fast nVidia graphics card.

Can any one advise if this is just a simple compatability problem? A cable problem? Should I install something?


The monitor is not recieving any signal from the video card. If there is onboard video, try using that instead of the video card. If the card is improperly installed, then the motherboard will default to the onboard video system and nothing will come out of the video card. Try another monitor, if it doesn't work then it is in the video card, or the video card is not properly installed. But if the other monitor works, then it is in your original monitor. If your video cable is separate from the monitor, try another cable, or flexing that cable to see if the connection is bad. These are the things that the telephone support will ask you to try first, so do these and then call the warranty support line, but be ready for a 4 hour session with a person who speaks British English (in India). Good luck, try and repost.

Thanks dogbreath077, I have managed to get it working now. I'd plugged the monitor into the regular VGA slot rather than the VGA on the graphics card!!! Sorry - first time I've had a sound card upgrade with a new unit, as opposed to a built in card! :$

What slot do you recommend connecting the monitor to - the VGA or the DVI via adapter? Both slots included in the card, and the monitor works fine in the VGA slot at the moment.

Cheers :)

Keep it in the VGA. Since your monitor is equiped with a vga, it cannot take advantage of the digital signal. And, it works fine.

Many thanks dogbreath077 :)

I get the same message except it happens randomly after I've been using my pc...not on boot up.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I have the same problem: "No video input" is shown on my Philips 170s monitor, which is connected to my HP notebook (running Windows Vista). I have been using the monitor as an external monitor for several months. Same problem with another notebook computer, but the monitor functions properly when it is connected to my new MacBook Pro.

Any idea?

good day! just bought our new philips 196V3L monitor but after a week of usage, the monitor displays a message saying ATTENTION: NO VIDEO INPUT and ENTER SLEEP MODE wherein we cannot do anything but look at it flashing over and over again..really need your help.got paperworks to do and emails to send.hope to hear from you soon.thank you so much...

My monitor is philips 170s by mistakes, I have changed the cable port of VGA into DVI - D port . I have no port of this cable . Then I press the monitor button but that doesn't work, how can I reset the cable or monitor menu?

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