I have a Toshiba M115-S1061 laptop that won't turn on for the most part. At first I thought I needed a new AC adapter but replaced the adapter and am still having trouble. When I plug the AC adapter in with the main battery out the plugged in light flashes but does not stay on nor will the laptop turn on.

While trying different things, I found that if I turn the laptop on its side the light will stay on sometimes and when the light stays on the laptop will turn on and work fine. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen or may know what is wrong, the warranty has expired and I wanted to know if the expense of having it looked at and fixed was worth it or not.

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In my personal opinion, with the warranty expired, it is better to just buy a new laptop. If you take it to get repaired you might be told that you need a new motherboard and that expence just isnt worth it when you could get a newer better and faster laptop.

again this is just my opinion

hey there
Its really difficult to say what the problem is since nothing awkward heppened before the problem ac cured,right?If you cant think of anything that caused the prob-to repply,then id suggest before going as far as to buy a new one first take this opportunity to get your hands dirty.
It's sounds exciting,i feel pitied to not be there with you to troubleshoot.If you get to the troubleshooting point first check to see if theres parts thats loose

good luck

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