I have a really deep question, I hope this is not bad. But I want The Sims 2, and my CPU FSB is 100MHz, it says it needs a 800MHz processor, BUT my CPU Clock says 1100MHz, will it work on my PC?

If all other components in your PC are up to the game requirement, then yes it will.

An 1100 MHz processor is more than the 800 MHz stated in the game requirements.

I know, but EVEREST says its 100MHz FSB and 1100MHz CPU Clock Speed. Which one is the 800MHz applying too?

FSB applies to the whole system. Your Clock speed is determined commonly by taking the FSB and multiplying it by the Clock Multiplier.

If your FSB is 100mhz, and your Clock speed is 1100mhz, more than likely your multiplier is 11x. But, in reference to your question, the 800mhz is a minimum clock speed for the system, so your 1100mhz processor should be sufficient.

Thanks guys, very helpful, and yes it is 11X so great guessing.

Thanks guys, very helpful, and yes it is 11X so great guessing.

Not guessing-- just using simple math! :D

Alright, now I am getting a stupid The Sims 2 error saying: Failed to find any DirectX 7.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system. Please make sure you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will now terminate.

Thing is, I have both of them, so whats wrong.

No, everything is alright, its just thre graphics card I take it, I seen a cheap one at Wal*Mart (Asylum 256MB GeForce FX 5200) for $110, is that good enough for now and would it come with a standard connector?

OK, I'm moving this to 'Hardware'. You've had so many threads about your system and this Sims 2 game that my head is spinning and I find it hard to keep track of it. I just remembered that you'd posted some diagnositic information in another Forum section, so I had a look and it tells me that you currently have Intel i810 onboard graphics.

There's no wonder you're having problems, because i810 onboard video is the pits!

I haven't got enough information to tell if your motherboard has a standard AGP slot on it, so you'll need to open the case and have a look. If you have a slot like the one indicated in white in the picture, the FX5200 AGP card will be fine. If you only have slots like the one indicated in blue, you'll need to obtain a PCI display card, or even better update that whole system of yours!


Alright thanks, what kind of mobo is that because it looks cool. Anyway, thanks for the help and I'll check the PC later when I get out of school.

Judging by the logo on the southbridge chip I'd guess it's an NForce2 chipset Socket A motherboard. It's just a picture I found with Google.

Hmmmmm, alright, well tonight sometime I will take a look through my PC and see whats up.

alright, by the look of this, I have seen in Everest that PCI Slots 1, 2 and 3 are PCI Type. I'll still check the inside of the PC, but what kind of graphics cards are good and can fit into a PCI slot?

If you haven't got an AGP slot, the only card worth trying for games would be a Radeon 9200 PCI. It is possible to get an FX5200 PCI card, but they're more expensive and certainly no better.

But if the system hasn't got an AGP slot, then a system upgrade would be a more worthwhil;e expense anyway. Everest doesn't indicate if your system uses an AGP slot or not, by the way, unless a display card is installed in it.

well, I just might as well get a whole new pc then.

You looked inside then, and found it doesn't have an AGP slot?

nol, but my pc is from 2002, i doubt it does in my opinion


LOL internet!

youngun', people been puttin' AGP slots on motherboards since the '90s :D
Have a look inside your case and see if ya got one, eh? If you're not allowed get Dad to do it.

hehehehehheh :)

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