Please guys, I really need help here. Last night I was using my computer and it was working fine. There were zero problems. Naturally, I switched it off and went to bed, it shut down fine. This morning, I go to turn it on, and it sits on the dell setup screen for far longer than normal, then it comes up with the error:
"Primary hard disk drive 0 not found"

Please guys, I really cannot afford to lose this machine. It's a dell inspiron 4100 notebook.

Thanks in advance,

:cry: Slade

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System ain't seeing your hard drive. Since it is a removable module (on the left side of your system, usually held in by one, or two screws at the bottom of your machine), why not remove it, reinsert it, and see what happens?

Tried it, didn't work

That was quick. The next thing I'd try would be to remove the CD/DVD module, but keep the hard drive module installed, and start the machine - just to make sure that the hard drive error ain't coming from somewhere else (the CD/DVD being that somewhere else). I doubt it, but since its SOP, I'll try it anyway.

Could be just a simple case of hard drive failure. Got any backups?:o

lol definitely not, but do you think it sounds like I need a new hdd?

Reckon so ... I'd always stick it into another laptop just to make sure - 'cause when a hard drive goes down there's either a lot of gigabytes to recover, or a lotta gigabytes of software and crap to reload - or if you have one of 'em 2.5" to 3.5" ide kits, you can hook it up to your desktop. Too important to not do...:sad:

well... what do I do if it isn't the hdd lol

Think it is just a loose connection just pull the cables out and put it on again if that doesnt work do check whether any bios configuration has changed.
if all these dont work Im sorry check ur hdd

LOL.. Dunno. The hard disk controller functions inside these systems are ... minimal - if anything's gonna fail, it oughta be coming from the circuitry on the hard drive itself. There's no HDD cabling inside this machine, and the main board's HDD connectors are overengineered to the hilt. The reason why I'd want to pull the hard drive to test in another system is... get this: I have actually seen more than one instant of a bad hard drive caddy, where the cabling/connector from the caddy's end had gone bad - they won't ever come loose, but they can go bad.

well... what do I do if it isn't the hdd lol

Do you still have a service contract on that system?

If so-- call Dell-- don't screw with it anymore. Tell them what's happening, and if it is a bad hard drive, they can send you a replacement hard drive, if you're still under contract.

that was the first thing i did, thanks anyways. Looks like I lost my data, I've ordered another hdd as well as some more RAM, whenever something breaks I like to upgrade a bit lol. I've also ordered an external usb HDD case and a HDD for backups. I'll be using that in my desktop PC further on down the track, as in, I'll be using the HDD inside the machine.

i got the same problem using a dell inspirion 4000 the hdd is ibm travel star 10 gig both warenties are expired. is hard drive fixable or cheaper to buy new one ?

I'm not sure if it's fixable at all.

Hard drives can be fixed (well, depending on the severity of their "death"), but unless you really need the data on the drive, it probably isn't worth the hassle. Most people don't have the electronics skills or the specialized parts and tools needed to perform the repairs.

i bought a 30 gig hard drive on ebay for 60 $ my old one was 10 gig i figured it would cost at least 50 bux to fix my quiestin is how hard is it to start from a blank hdd ? i just install windows or what

and is it worth the hassle selling a 10 gig hard drive on ebay or will i end up geting 10 $

Windows will let you partition and format a blank drive as part of the installation process, nothing to worry about there.

As far as the 10G drive goes, you probably won't get a heck of a lot for it, but what'll hurt if you try, right?

yea i hear you. i'm lamenting over not buying a 40 gig hdd for 70 $ he said it had a 3 year warenty this guy i just bought from is only giving me 30 day

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