Hi i just installed a new video card apollo geforce4 128 mx440se into my 1.8 athlon 384ddr ram, ok when i installed it and went to play my favorite game counter strike, it froze, and would do it every other time after that, then it started to work but would shutdown my computer sometimes freeze and sometimes reboot. i was told it could be my power supply i have a 250w powersupply and im thinking thats the reason since its not powerful. if any knows the answer to this happening it would be greatly aprreciated plus when i put my old 32b tnt back in it works fine :-/
im goin to try memtest and see if its my memory :(
Thanx for the help every1...
~it also sometimes shutsdown just out of knowwhere like wen my screensaver came up and sometimes just with nothing on my desktop at all.

You're definitely on the right track looking at your power supply and memory. Is it just this game? Check for any Counter Strike patches. I seem to be seeing a LOT of AMD processors freezing up with new video cards for some reason.

I have the same problem when playing Age Of Mythology.
When your computer freezes up, do the speakers start to buzz loadly? And does everthing including the cursor stop?
These are my symtoms.

What does this problem relate to in terms of hardware?

gforce and ati card takes alot of power and it most likely your power supply my friend had the same problem and he had same power supply watt that you have and when he got 400 watt power supply it worked fine even 300 watt would work with you having a amd athlon xp processor the bare min power supply is 250watt to run but having a new gforce card that 250watt can't supply enough power i hope this helps