Im sorry if this has been repeated, but after going through MANY of the threads i couldnt find anything that would help. even tried google searches that people said to do...

I have an Dell Inspiron 6000, Windows XP pro, and is running on 3 years old.
It was running normally, but all of the sudden wont start anymore. I went to eat and came back an hour later; and it was just dead. it wont start or anything - no booting, no flashing lights, no nothing.

i checked the battery - still full.
only thing i noticed was the ac adapter (original). if its not connected its on (the green light on the ac adapter), but everytime i plug it in, it'll turn off right away.

if it is ac adapter problem, i would think that battery power would work, but still no success...
p.s. i live in California, and today was a hot day. i think it just overheated and shut itself off but still nothing after hours of cooling off.

i would appreciate any help at all for this problem. Thanx in advance.:)

i dont think being a hot day would have affected it this way. It would have just kept the cooling fans running to cool it down. And also if the battery is full then i dont think the power supply is to blame.

WHen you say the Green Led on the ac adaptor when not connected and goes off as soon as connected to pc, is the pc switched on when the AC Adaptor is connected? Can you manage to get into bios or not even that?


hi, try to reseat your memory, take out also the battery and leave it for a while.. after that put back your memory and batt..check if you will be able to have a display..if not then it could be an end of life of your mobo.. good luck

Raj - i leave the ac adapter unplugged from laptop; ill get the green light on it. once i plug it into the laptop, that green light shuts off, almost like a powersurge flipping off. i never get a display, no power ever reaches laptop. no bios or anything. power led on laptop itself never turns on at any point.

cguan_77 - ive tried those methods, and im starting to lead towards the end of its life too...

p.s. thanx for replying and trying to help

May be there is something getting short on the mobo then which in turn disconnect the powers upply from the battery or from the ac adaptor. In any case you will have to either get it thoroughly tested to find the culprit or replace it. I would also recommend testing your power adaptor with another similar laptop as well just to be sure that its not the adaptor thats the cause although its very very unlikely.


yeah, i was thinking that its the mobo too...dont have the money to replace or test so i guess im just going to sell it as a parts comp. thanx for all the advice and recommendations though...