Hey all hoping for some help here, I recently had to rebuild my machine

AMD 2800+
1 Gig Ram
160 Gb HDD
Nvidea 6600GT graphics
Soundblaster Live

I got rid of an old harddrive and reformatted and installed Win XP Pro SP2 on the remaining 160 gig. The problem is if I try to run any kind of video software, like if I am on a page that have a quicktime file or a WMF my cpu maxes out and thats that. I need to open the Task Manager and kill the offending task, now I have no problems playing graphics hungry games such as FEAR and BF2 so I am figuring that the issue is software related and i am suffering from a conflict somewhere. I had Nero Vision installed and it would allow me to import photos into the file to create a slide show but when I try to view the end product !!100%!!. :eek: :eek:

I have SW Doctor on my machine and also Norton Internet Security 2006 and have no viruses nor any spyware any suggestions guys as i am hesitant to ship the box of the Comp Hospital (cash strapped)

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Ok uploaded the latest versions of Nvidea and Codecs but still the same, as soon as I try to use video capture 100% and dead :sad:


What video capturing software are you using?

The software is not the issue as I capture vid with dedicated hardware, the issue seems to be related to anything requiring video at all WMP Quicktime and the like all send my CPU to 100% so it must be software related but I'm stuffed if I can find any solution now I cant even copy photos onto CD as my cpu maxes out but :cry: .....can still play BF2 with no problems


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