Hi folks.
This is an intent to find a fast solution to the problem with my son's P4 gaming PC.
Symptoms: everything seem to work but the monitor is black (tried another that is good for sure -same thing)
What seems to work: power supply's fans, HD, video card's fan; when reconnecting the monitor to the video card I can heard the monitor react's on that.
Cause of the problem: while he was playing in his room I did turn off/on the switch on the home's main power box (of course not to break him, but have been doing some work on kitchen)
I do suspect that there is something "fired up", but what I'm looking now it is a key for where to look.

Thanks, and appreciate your advice.

tried another that is good for sure -same thing)

What the monitor or video card
Move the video card in another PCI slot hopefully its PCI & not AGP that slot might be fried now just a suggestion
If that doesnt make anything work I hate to say it but it could be the card hope its not the ati RADEON 9800 pro

Thanks a lot for the tips.
That has been realy tricky - the AGP slot has been "fried".
So, the story ended very simple - I did replace the AGP card with another one, just to find out that the P4 is still alive and so on.
Did put it back and... it's working, well as before.

Thanks again.

the AGP slot has been "fried".

Quote: John Conner

I have a similar problem. The monitor receives the signal the first time I turn the PC on. If I reboot the system to restart the monitor goes to standby mode. If I turned of the PC and turned on again the monitor does not receive a signal. I have an integrated graphic card and I have no idea where to look for and have it replaced. Can you please help.

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