I have downloaded a free antivirus software on my pc called clamwin,hated it, so I decided to uninstall it. I couldn't find the uninstall folder, so I decided to delete every folder that had clamwin written on it. After that my keyboard was no longer working yet I still have power to it. I've tried replacing it with a new one that connected to my usb ports instead, but that didn't solve the problem, I'm not able to log on as an administrator because can't type a password only as a guest so I can't download anything off the internet. When this nightmare happened a window popped up stating that the driver couldn't be located or corrupt or something. I'm sorry I don't remember exactly because this occurred two weeks ago and I needed a break or a sledge hammer. So, anyone please help. Thank you!

if you have the bootable cd installer for your OS try to install then make your choice to install a fresh OS or recover your system, but i suggest install a new one much better.. plug in as external HDD if you got important files..