I am completely in love with this laptop, it has become like a second mind to me, so I would like to systematically try everything I can to revive it.
The problem started a few weeks ago when I was running XP pro and I started getting screen glitches like freezing for seconds and then moving and freezing again, and sometimes the monitor would turn off entirely and refuse to turn back on until i rebooted, and sometimes even then I had to restart a few times to get the monitor to turn back on. So I figured a format/reinstall was in order, but after I did so, the frequency of black screens increased, until it stopped turning on alltogethor. My original thought was it to be a bios problem, or a hardware problem, but I'm not much of a hardware guy, and there isn't anything I can do for bios if it's not even showing me a bootup screen.

Before I start tearing it apart and screw myself beyond repair, what should I try first, and what do I need to look for?

I am forever in your debt if you help me. Not to mention im a college student and much too dependant on my computer, and with finals coming up time is certainly a factor. In the meantime ill search around on this forum for similar threads.


well I guess the most important question is - is it still in warranty? sounds to me like your monitor is dead. Try to connect your notebook to an external monitor if you have the opportunity. that will let you know if the monitor on your laptop is dead or not. If it is not the laptop monitor that is dead then I suggest calling toshiba

if it turns out the monitor on the laptop is dead, then I guess call toshiba too

Does the screen work at boot-up? When you get the Toshiba screen. Also try connecting it to an external display as Majestic suggested.

It could well be just a loose connection, as the wires they use are almost like tape and are quite flimsy.

Dazza :cool:

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Thanks for the replys people. An update on my suitation: I think I am totally fucked.

I connected it to an external monitor, and tried the fr-f5 command to change output but neither the screen nor the monitor showed any picture. Also, the backlight on the laptop appears to be working, just no picture. Its totally black but you can tell it's lit up.

The reason I now believe my fuckage has been made permanent resulted from my attempt to open it up, to clean/reinsert the ram, video card, check the lcd connections, etc.

I unscrewed the screws connecting the monitor to the rest of the computer and then when I turned it over to unscrew the bottom, i think the screen bent and snapped off a connection linking the power button bar to the screen, even though I was holding it in place and being very careful... I guess there is an exact order in which you have to remove screws to not do this. I've opened up machines before... but all desktops, this is a much, much, different story.

If you have any words of advice please PLEASE help out, I am going to try and reassemble this $2,000 paper weight and try not to get any tears on it.

Ok, it's sucessfully reassembled and I checked all connections and cleaned off shitloads of dust from the video card, but it still has the same problem. Also, when I connect it to an external monitor the backlight turns on but neither screen shows picture.

I'm still looking for a solution, soon ill take it to be repaired but id like to get it solved without one if at all possible.

What are some other things I can try?

If it's doing the same thing through an external monitor and you've tried an ATX reset then I'm not sure of much more you could try matey.

Dazza :cool:

I am sure that you have tried the contrast and brightness buttons? If not, give them a shot before you try to do the hardcore disassembly and rebuild. I've made this mistake countless times. It could also mean you have a bad screen, and those are usually easily replaced. If you like, you can send me the model numbers and so forth and I'll do a bit of research on it and let you know what I find? Darkomen020@aol.com is my main email, so hit me up if you still need help, k?

i have same problem with screen

i ordered a new inverter and will replace bad one when it arrives


it freezes in windows xp

and on internet

it may be my keyboard is bad as i am typing this with an externel keyboard and so far no freeze up

if inverter does not work then do i need a new motherboard

or can the video card in motherboard be fixed

it is an intel mobile 945gm card