i want to get some low cost speakers to put on my xbox. i have read reviews on both of them they are about evenly matched. i was wondering which ones should i buy out of the two.

Here is a good url for shopping.
Next is a good url for test reports etc.
Both of these are BIG. It may take you a few minutes
to learn how to navigate.
I personally own the Altec 621 which is a ordinary stereo, thats 2 speakers and a Subwoofer. It has a good amp 3 that is 2 twenty watt rms for the left and right. Then 60 rms for the sub. I like it very much.
Here is a url to one of the comparisions for the brand you are considering.

my 2 piece altec lansings with sub are 5 yrs old and still ging strong ,everynow and then i have to fix the volum botton ,just an adjustment ,other than that they work great ,have never like anything by logitech!!!:)

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