Hi all

Im having a bit trouble figuring out why my EAH3870TOP (Ati 3870 oc'd) is not running at full speed , its not even running at half the speed its supposed to. even after i overcloked it would show me that its running at the oc'd speed but in the '' Current Clock Settings at the GPU clock it shows other wise. i cant auto-tune it coz it crashes half way through coz my cooling sucks. well thats my prob


Amd athlon 64x2 6400+ @3.5Ghz
Asus M3A32-MVP-DELUXE Wifi
Amd Asus ati 3870 oc'd edition <--- i think they may have underclocked it instead of overclocking it by mistake ;)
2GB Kingston hyperX (1X2)
Thermaltake W0151 tough power modular PSU 500watt
Thermaltake M9 / window
Western Digital ceviar 250GB /16mb cache
Lite-on DVD-R ,light scribe etc/ sata

Thanks in Advance for any input

My card is a Sapphire HD3850 and in overdrive it says the same thing. I think with mine it cuts the core speed in half down there. I do not think it is a problem.