I have taken new monitor of 19 inch of Acer.

Best viewing is in only 1440 * 900. I have VIA motherboard P4,2.4 Ghertz,1 GB RAM,SS3 prosavage DDR Graphic drivers.

I have reinstalled the graphic drivers but not able to get that resolution(1440 * 900).

I have also changed the screen refresh rate of the monitor from display properties but not able to get that resolution.

Please tell me what are the way through possible way through which i can able to set that resolution.

Reply from earliest will really appreciated

What graphiccard do you have exactly, couldn't really find it to search for the specs... it is possible that that graphiccard doesn't support the 1440*900... Im not sure, but couldn't find the specs of the s3 prosavage

if the best viewing number does not show up in display properties you will not get the monitor to display that with the present card. is this an onboard card and are you using VGA or DVI connection.

why not get a new that support your setups

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