A while back, I turned on my tower, it began to boot, and soon thereafter turned back off again. Confused, I attempted to turn it back on again, and it did nothing. I thought my power supply had gone, but have since had that replaced, and I'm not receiving any signal whatsoever from the tower.

How should I go about pinpointing the problem? Is there any way, short of having another tower to switch out individual parts with, to do so? Any recommendations would be much appreciated :)

The thing is you can disconnect all the devices and then start testing them by connecting them one by one to pin point the problem, but if your mobo is gone then you will need another working machine to test your devices. As it does not even doing anything then it would be your mobo most likely.

Try starting it up with different RAM sticks and see if that is the issue, check the connections as well to see if they might have come loose. Just try to tie up all the loose ends and see what you end up with.


Thanks for your response :)

I completely disconnected and reconnected everything, to no avail. I've removed the RAM stick I had in there, and I'm curious as to whether the machine would run with only the RAM that was provided as an internal part of my video card.

I did notice that when I reconnected the power supply to the motherboard, a green LED by the power connection for my power button on the motherboard lit up for just a second. Could this mean that the motherboard is still alive, or does this function work independently from the rest?

Beyond that, no news to report. There is still no response whatsoever when I attempt to power up the machine. Thanks for your thoughts!

Well even if the LED lights up for a quick second it still could mean that your mob might have a bad capacitor which could be end of it. I dont think that the pc would do anything without the actual ram, the vidoe cards ram is not utilised by the mobo to do anything. That is only to be utilised by the video card itself. But just powering up should have taken you to the bios with nothing else connected apart from mobo, ram and psu.


Failure at this level narrows it down to the mobo or the power supply, right?

umm, yes it could lead to that as well but i'd say there s no harm in checking other components either. But it seems to me that your mobo is playing up, powers upply still could be fime, just get it checked to be sure though and then see what do you require to get your systme back up and running again.


Buxtreme it will be realy helpfull if you can try to remember what you did/what had happened before the problem accured.Yes it might be your mobo but lets try to determine that for sure.also when you say you get no response do you mean theres no cpu fan spinning?is the power supply fan spinning?disconnect and reconnect the power supply from the mobo ass well

one quick question,,,,

when trying to power up w/ ram removed did the PC give any POST BEEPS at all?

i would try removing all cards from the PC (except video),, and unhooking all floppy/hdd cables from the MB.. then try to boot... if problem still occurs try w/ RAM removed also...

usually when ram is missing the PC will beep in some fashion if the MB is functioning enough to actually see the missing ram,,,

but i have seen faulty modems and other addin cards cause PCs not to boot at all....

maybe this will help,