hello, I'm kinda new to this but I'll try to be a clear as possible.

First off my system:
Windows XP
AMD processor
geforce gfx card
(I can't remember the specifics on top of my head, but if need I'll check them out)

my current problem:
My computer is able to boot however the screen is all weird, I can read nothing since the text are all dissolved-looking. When I wait for XP to start up, the system simply fails. The power stays on but the screen is just black. However, I am still able to enter BIOS and can also enter safe mode. I can also boot up my windows xp cd but haven't done anything with it.

things that happened before the problem:
The first sign of the problem from what I remember was when I was playing a online mmorpg flyff earlier this week. I was able to run the game just fine however after an hour or so, the game crashes and either freezes or the systems just reboots. I didn't think it was a big deal at first since it boots up normally. Then as time passed, it got worse, the boot up screen started to get all weird as I described at the top, however before, after rebooting a couple of times, it always comes back. Currently, I've been trying to reboot so many time but I see the same screen everytime.

things I've tried doing:
I've tried doing a disk scan by setting it up on safe mode, didn't work. I've tried scanning viruses using windows defender (probably useless), used spybot to scan and remove spyware, used regmechanic to scan and fix registry, and nothing worked. I've tried reinstalling my BIOS files but the system can't read my ASUS CD in safe mode. I've finally ran out of ideas and need help.

Thank you,

its possible that this could be an issue with the graphics card. try a different monitor if you get the same screen then try a different graphics card.

I was thinking that.. but the screen works fine while in safe mode

Graphics card probably overheated and killed itself. Try another.

I was thinking that.. but the screen works fine while in safe mode

even if it works fine in safe mode it still could be the graphics card