i have a dell dimension desktop e310. it was purchased in 2005 & runs window xp media. my video driver is an intel chipset 82915g/gv/910gl. i have gotten this display error several times over the past few days after attempting to play a game i downloaded. the trial version from msn.com worked fine until i got the complete version & installed it on my pc. the game will work for about two min b4 shutting down my display. i also got the wretched blue screen of death once. i restart & the problem goes away but doesnt give me the opportunity to send the error to microsoft. now my pc will not run any trial versions of games from anyone. i tried the downloads from both intel & dell. they dont work. the intel website even told me i could not install the version released jan07 b/c my pc does not have that software. i looked. it does. ironic. dell was no help either. they say they cannot send me the driver&utility disk for my pc b/c it is no longer a shipping item. WOW. great support, dell. i looked on their website only to find that many ppl have had this prob. i was just wondering if anyone could possibly assist me in just how to fix this issue. i would greatly appreciate it. if it takes me buying a new driver (like one person said they ended up doing), i really dont care. i just need this prob fixed. it gets annoying.
thanks in advance to anyone who reads this!!

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Try loading the video driver again. Since your motherboard chipset is Intel 915GV Express, it's fine to download its latest driver update and run to your system.

i tried to download the driver update already. the log states "installed driver runs 4ID and update runs less". i dont know what that means. it keeps telling me to contact the manufacturer of my pc. i did that also. no help. i lost my driver disk & they cannot send me a new one. i cant even uninstall & reinstall the driver to see if that is the problem. i am @ a total loss here. WAHHHH!!!


My name is Todd and I'm with Dell's online outreach team. You can download the Intel Chipset drivers (and all drivers for that matter) from our support site, .

Did you check the manufacturer of that game to confirm that it will work with an integrated video system? In many cases they may have a patch that you can download to get the game to work correctly. It's possible that the preview version of the game didn't require the same capabilities from the video system that the full game does.

When you download the drivers from our support site you can use the service tag of your system (located on a sticker attached to the computer) to filter the downloads so you only get those related to your model. Try it and see if updating the driver can help.

I'll stop back to see if this helps, or if there is anything else I can do for you.

Thank you,


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Dell, Inc.

This is 2010 (August). I am using a Intel D845GVSR motherboard. I have installed VLC media player V 1.1.2 ( from Videolan )on my workstation. Whenever I try to play a Video (.avi) file, VLC crashes giving the message "ialmrnt5 display driver not working properly" - contact microsoft. I had not encountered this problem with earlier version of VLC. --- WinXP SP3. Update to these drivers do not seem to be available on the internet. Any help / suggestion is requested. Regards. sharma.promod@gmail.com

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