I just bought a Gateway m520 laptop. I downloaded SpeedFan and it says the mobo is hot. It fluctuates from 106 F to 124 F. Is this too hot? Being it is a laptop high temps are expected. But I was wondering, where can I get the mobo temperature specs? I already tried gateway but I found nothing. SiSoftware Sandra says the mobo is a m520. Can someone help me?

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are you sure that it is the mobo temperature, normally that would be the temperature that a CPU would be running on?

Its the ACPI temp according to SpeedFan.

Dude wherever i have checked it says somewhere between 41f to 95f. Looking at that u are not way too far off but still there is a difference of good 10f between the normal operating maximum and ur operating minimum. are u sure all the fans and cooling system is working fine on it?

The fans are fine i just cleaned them a couple days ago.

I assume u already know it but still i m gonna point out that you are not using the laptop on your lap most of the time or on bed as a lot of us do, that does affect the air flow and then results in high temperature.

Also i d suggest try some another program to get more readings to confirm the running temprature just to be sure.


I downloaded a couple different temp monitoring proggies but all of them only come up with two sensors HDD and THRM. I read up on THRM and appartently its the CPU temp. Which brings me to another question. If I update the BIOS, would more temperature sensors be readable by these temp monitoring programs? If not then how would I be able to read them?

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