the computer turns on but the monitor stays on standby
i have check the monitors working
there is an initial beep when u first turn on the computer
cpu fan working
have checked everything is in properly

have no idea what it is

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hi. we have the same problem... unfortunately, i still have not solved my problem, may be we could share ideas instead..

history started with my video card.. which i assumed got damaged (short circuit or something..) when i tried to install a new HD as a slave drive, so i bought a new card... then my drive a: wont light up.. i tried a new drive a:, now it doesnt want to turn off... i tried checking if all have power (CDROM, HD, etc) ... everything seems to be connected in the right place, and is with power also, i even checked the RAM but i cnt seem to think of any other options ... haay... what have you tried so far...


i think its the motherboard cause if it was the video card id still hear than windows login sound that comes on what kinda mother board do u have mines a Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro2

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