I have successfully configured two monitors for my HP m8147C Vista PC.

I have two issues:

Issue 1:

When I maximize Media Center I cannot scroll to the other screne. This only happens when I maximize Media center, when I maximize other applications everything works just fine.
When it's not maximized I can scrool to the other monitor though.

Issue 2:

When I maximize/minimize Media Center there will be a hesitation before it'll happen. Also, somes when I minimize/unmaximize it it'll come back as maximized and I'll have to unmaximize it twice before the changes take effect.

How can I resolve any or both of these issues?

Hi Katherine

Your issue is probably due to the configeration of your graphics card and how it manages each monitor.

What Graphics card are you running? Id it Dual Head? or do you have 2 different cards installed?

Hello my graphics card is: NVIDIA GeFORCE 8500 GT. This is a Dual head graphics card which utilizes a Dual link DVI-I,VGA, and HDTV + TV Out. I only use the DVI-I and the VGA for my monitors.

Thanks for the reply and the info.

A couple more questions:

1. How do you have your monitors set? Do you have the taskbar on one screen, or stretched across both monitors?

2. Have you got the nVidia control panel installed for the monitors (allows you to control how windows and applications are displayed, plus loads of other settings)?

If you do, you will find a 'Per Application' setting that allows you to set how an individual application works with your monitors. You will be able to set this to display the application (in your case, media centre) in any way you want.

Have a look in the settings for this, you should have an icon in the System Tray to launch the nVidia settings.

The taskbar is only on 1 screen. How do I stretch it to both monitors?

How do I get the nVidia control panel installed for the monitors? I don't believe I have this, I just use the default control panel.

Is there a place where I can find this control Panel?

I believe I have this already because I recongnized the graphics.

How do I open this on my PC?

How do I adjust it so that the system tray is on both screens?

How do I adjust it so that when I maximize the Media Center I am able to scroll to the other screne with my mouse pointer?