Currently i'm having a problem with this barcode scanner.. here's,

My barcode is (01)04038653832897 and (17)120419(10)0-7164 , both are Code 128.

why the outcomes of the scanning is ]C10104038653832897 instead of 0104038653832897? How do i get rid of the ]C1? is there any particular settings that i need to set?

Pls advise,



This is because your barcode is EAN128 (a subset of Code128) and the scanner defaults to interpret the leading hidden F1 character as a ]C1 as per the EAN standard. You just need to disable EAN128 and if necessary enable Code128 to read without the ]C1 label identifier.

Also it would be a good idea to contact datalogic at www.datalogic.com for any further assitance.


I'm running into a similar situation. How did you resolve this issue?

I have emailed datalogic twice now. So far no response from them.

Thanks a lot for any help.

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