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I have always enjoyed my Thinkpad T22, i.e., keyboard feel, etc. However, I have a problem which is very artibrary where sometimes it will not startup/turn on for several days. Then, you leave it set for a few days it starts up, not matter how many times I turn it on and shut it off. Is it the power supply, connection, battery? It's been doing this in an arbitrary fashion for over three years. Searching for a remedy. Thanks so much. Joe Paterick/Milwaukee


I've got an IBM Thinkpad T22 but impossible to close it because the closing accessories are broken. Any suggestions where to get these parts?
Any comment will be greatly apppreciated

eBay may provide an option. google "T22 for parts" and see what responses you get. There is also a company in CA that will 're-case' your system for nominal fee. I am so sorry, I cannot recall the name and I am on layover in Dallas.

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