Greetings, I need help!

I have an IBM THinkpad T-22. It was working fine until one day I went to turn it on, and when I press the button it just makes a little mechanical sounding click, and the battery light stays on, and disk drive light flashes for a second, but nothing else happens.
We have checked the power supply (2 places) battery and backup battery, read through the IBM troubleshooting guide where you take out all components and replace one at a time, and still nothing.

I do not know if it is power (dont think so) or hard drive, or keyboard or the on button or system board or ?? Dont want to spend money to have someone tell me its dead!
Any help greatly appreciated!

Sunshine :p

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Could be dc to dc inverter for lcd display can't say for sure only way to find out try plugging in laptop to computer montor and see if it post or see anything on another display, if you do replaced the dc to dc inverter.


I'm no expert, but is the cmos battery o.k.? I had a computer (not a thinkpad, though) that did much the same thing, and once I replaced the cmos battery it booted up and ran fine. Maybe it was something the BIOS would'nt accept...don't know, but it's a guess worth looking into.

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