ok heres my probem just built a new computer it was working fine until the other night i put the computer into hibernation mode and since then it will power up ie fas work lights work hard drives work ect but nothing appears on screen and the usb ports arent delivering power to the mouse or keyboard.

my specs are

gigabyte ma790fx-dq6 mobo
sapphire hd3870 toxoc graphics card
amd 9850 black edition cpu
4 gb of gskil ram 1066
2 500gb seagate hdd
2 dvd rw disk drives
windows visa home premium

all was fine till the night i put it into hibernation now nothing.

PEASE HELP im loosing sleep here

It could be the motherboard issue as the hard drives get their power from the PSU direct, if the screen shows nothing and there is no power for the mouse via USB i think its the mobo that must have been fried. If you can open the system then have a look at the board and see if you can see something unusual as in something burnt out or bulging components. It may or may not be as obvious. SO test you other components to rule out other possibilities. But I am inclined towards bad Mobo as I had been struck by it a while back. Good Luck