Hi, I have a new radeon 9550 256mb agp GPU. I'm upgrading my pc from a old Nvidia geforce to this new one. So i took out the old card and put in the new one, hooked the monitor in and turned the pc on. Here's the problem nothing comes up on the screen, no BIOS and the mointor light doesnt turn green it stays at yellow. Also the power light on the front of the pc turns off after a few seconds (the computer is still turned on). Any help would be great. Thanks.

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you probably dont have enough power for it

how many watts is your PSU?

The sticker on my power supply says that the output is 350 watts. Maybe it is just a defective card?

350w is too low for modern cards (they need 450-550 minimum) but for an old card it should probably be okay

what video port are you using - dvi or vga?
does the card need another power cable, or draw it from the agp bus?

as far as I know the 9550 (I have placed it before) is pretty the same as the 9600 pro and both doesn't have the extra power connector and isn't needed... and I believe its running in my moms pc that I build for her... She has 350 or 400w so it should be ok...

what you should check is if you AGP is 8x... I know that in a AGP 2x or AGP 4x the card won't work.
if it is 8X what you can do is try to push it a bit further in its socket...

If that doesn't work get the card out and use some erasergum and just slip it on the golden connectorsides... sometimes there is a bit of transport grease on it and in that way you can get the connectors free.... that should do the trick!!

But to be honest I do agree with Jbennet about that for a computer that has pretty new stuff a higher Power Supply would also be better for the computer....

I checked in the BIOS and the max AGP supported is 4x(old motherboard). Are you sure about it not working because on the box it says that it is compatible with 4x. I really don't won't to go back to using only 64mb. Thanks for the help though.

Well atleast try the other things, maybe you are lucky.... but I can't garantee it

Well problem solved, I took the card back to the shop and they tested it on a pc and it worked. So it was the old board. Anyways they gave me another card a nvidia geforce fx 5200, not the best but ok for now. I appreciate all the help people have given.

I also had problems with my ATI Radeon 9550 AGP card freezing up my system whenever I tried to play a 3-D game. I have the Dell Optiplex GX260 and my PC would either freeze or I'd get the dreaded BSOD. Finally, the only thing I found that fixed my problem was uninstalling the ATI driver (EVERYTHING, including the Catalyst, driver, and chipset) restarting the system and replacing with the modified Radeon driver from "Omega". It's an updated version of the old ATI Catalyst 7.12 but this one is modified for those of us with the AGP system crash issues: http://www.omegadrivers.net/
Just be sure to choose the correct version for your Operating System.

Good luck!


I have the Dell Optiplex GX260

The problem is more likely the fact that system gets rather hot and has a very poor power supply (200-300w range)

I have the same problem with my Compaq Presario 6000. It also doesn't work with our HP computer that is made at about the same time I think. My power is 115w. That's probably the problem. I'll try what jakem cg01 said first.

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