Greetings to all:
Being a Network Eng, my knowlege base of graphics cards, monitors and such is rather 'functional' at best. So when my daughter has now become ennamored with flight sims, I need some help. Here is the system config:

2.4 ghz Intel Dual Core, P35 Intel MB, 3 Gig DDR2 RAM (dual), XFX 8800 GTS "Alphpa Dog" VC, 22" Chimei FS monitor running at 1400x1050x32x75 hz (native)

How does the monitor's resolution affect the frame pre second (FPS) of the app? And the temp of the video card? (At the above settings, after 1 hr of solid play, the core temp of the card is 53c.)

Thanks for the assistance,


Hi there:
Feel free to post your question in the appropriate forum here.


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