ok for some reason this game lags for me. idk what my ram is but i know i have a good graphics card because i cud play cod4 on it online perfectly with barely any lag(it was at lowest graphics quality btw). but when i play rct3 it lags. i can record vids with it and when i watch em theres no lag but when i play the game it sometimes lags. its usually when water splashes or a rollercoaster crashes. is this normal? and i did the detect thing for the graphics in the options and i have it how it set it automatically but it still lags a little. maybe i need to turn trend micro security off or something?

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Post what your processor is, what graphics card you have, how much memory you have and at what speed.....you will get plenty of help after you post this info!

ehhh idk how to find those i dont really no much about pc stuff. if by memory u mean ram i have 512 mb but thats all i no

For starters, do a right click on 'my computer', then go to properties. The next screen that comes up will tell you all about your computer. Post that description. Where did you get your computer from? Do you have any general information about it? How old it is and a model number will be great, so let us know if you find any of it!

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