My Dell Inspiron 1100 died a few months ago I initially had a broken power cord. Then I took it in and it was diagnosed: new motherboard replacement. However, I have seen many messages saying that it is the power jack failure that causes this particular model to go dead. Should I change both the the power jack and the motherboard or just the motherboard. Which repair should I do first ( to save time and money)?

Thanks. Susan

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Ola Sussie
Id say the PowerJack.However if the prob still exists then you can replace the mobo,doubt its te mobo though

Good luck feel free to ask any other q's


It really depends on if you plan to do the repair yourself or not. If you feel comfortable taking apart the laptop then disassemble it and remove the motherboard. With a $10 multimeter you can run continuity tests between the DC jack and points on the board to see if there is any problem. Also the signs of a cold or broken solder joint are able to be seen with the naked eye by just looking at a board. If these indications aren't present it's motherboard replacement time.

If you opt to do this make certain to use little cups to put screws in from each "stage" of disassembly, ie outer cover, motherboard, or look online for a guide to taking it apart.

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