i have a new cpu, with P5E board installed and a new 500G HD.
the problem is, when i try to install windows xp, it says the HD is only 137G...
the bios sees it as 500g as it should.
the only thing i can think of is that the windows is not even sp1.
can it be the problem?
if so, how can i install it and later on (after sp2 patch) add the remining space to the same partition?

Yeah it is. Slipstream (integrate) SP2 , then burn a new windows cd.

This can be done using a tool called Nlite.

if you format the 137 ,you can get the use of the rest of of the 500 by going to management tools in the maintenance section in the control panel and using the disk management section to format the rest of the drive . or just type this into run , compmgmt.msc

yeah but then you get a C and a D , not one large one

yeah but then you get a C and a D , not one large one

the best way to have It, one for OS and one for storage/backup , when windows OS gets corrupt you don't loose all the important data ,just format c:\ and reload windows

now if i could just follow my own advice for my personal computer i wouldn't be hear at 4am backing up s-hit,before this hdd crashes and while im doing my income taxes .

by the way you can post shit, its not filtered

did the OP get his problem fixed?

yeah it was the problem, all good now

thx 4 the help