i start my system yesterday... it works finely for 20 minutes and shut down like a power cut.... after 5 miniutes it works... so can any body exlplain me what is the problem

is it showing that behaviour on regular basis ?

I also get same problem but there was some power cable problem, it was loose, my system started showing that behavior suddenly after 2 year. It may be the problem with internal battery also.

is it a desktop or a notebook???

if it's a desktop could be an underpowed PSU, get a bigger wattage put in it and see if it gives more stab ability :D


Have you made any changes to the system ie.. added new hardware, PCI cards, etc...? Could also be an over heating issue. Check and make sure your Heat sink fan is still operational.

Freaktech is correct check the fan on the heatsink, maybe it;s not even turning and the CPU is over heating.

Cleaning off the CPU and re-applying some DECENT thermal paste could help the issue aswell.


thanks for all i check the fan speed in BIOS setup .... it is tooo poor..... thanks

yeah, overheating or bad psu

clean out dust, replace paste , replace heatsink/fan