I have a emachine amd pros. ati 9600 graphics card 512 ram. my computer turns on but monitor says *no signal* tried plugging monitor in both ports, monitor is good using it right now to post this... took the card ou and plugged it back in, took the ram out plugged back in... power supply is good any help would be great... this is my first post anywhere

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If it has a beeper, it should give you beeps when you try to boot with no VGA plugged in. Usually 7 shorts and 1 long beep, but depends on the BIOS. That way you would know that either the VGA is faulty (99%) or incompatible (1%) with the mobo/BIOS.

i don't hear any beeps

Please explain:
Did it work before or you received it this way?
Is RMA possible? Did you try reseating RAM chips?

Does the HD spin up? If not, and if it is IDE, it is possible that it is faulty or the 40-pin cable is plugged upside-down on one side.

You should strip off all except CPU PSU and VGA. No memory, no drives, no PCI cards...
That is the only way to know if the motherboard, CPU, PSU and VGA are working. If it gives you no signal, then it is one of those 4. It can be either one of them.
It would be great if you could test it with another VGA, PSU and CPU to rule those out. Also, getting beeper would help diagnose the problem too. It could give you beep code of the faulty part.
If this machine you recently purchased and it was not turned on for long time, you should clear CMOS. There is a jumper and the instructions in your manual for that.

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