So here's the problem folks. I had just turned my computer on and started working on it when it suddenly powered off as if I had unplugged the laptop without the battery in. It has done this once in the past and after a few days miraculously started working again. I have done everything that the Sony Support site said to do. Held down the power button for 15 seconds with the battery in and the adapter unplugged, with the battery out and the adapter plugged in, with the battery in and the adapter plugged in. All to no avail. I even took it apart to see if there was any visible damage. The only thing that I noticed was the the power port seemed like it might be a little corroded. I thoroughly cleaned that and reassembled the machine and still nothing.
The battery was charged and I even tried my spare battery. The light indicating that the battery is charging doesn't even come on when the ac adapter is plugged in. I am hesitant about taking it to a professional because I don't want to be overcharged for an easy fix. If this sounds like a problem that could be fixed relatively easily I would surely appreciate the advice. If not if anyone knows a good repairman in the Northern New Jersey/New York City area that isn't a total rip-off I would appreciate the suggestion as well.

Look in the Event Viewer and see what errors are showing up at the time that this is happening. Each error will have its own date and time shown.

Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Event Viewer.

On the right side of the page you will see the options Applications, Security, and Systems, double click on Systems. There are eight columns on this page, the three that you will want are Type, Date, Time, and Event.

The errors will appear in the Type column, they are red dots with a white X inside of them.

Warnings will appear as a yellow trinangle with an exclamation mark inside.

When you see an error, double click on it and see what the description is.

Please post the error code/s found in the Event column and the descriptions back in this topic.

I cannot turn the computer on or I would do what you suggest.

ws the ba3 not low when it did a shutdown. Check the conections from your charger to your bat3 in debt to see if its making proper contact