No, my machine did not die so far:
HP Pavilion Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 sp2
AMD Athlon X2 4200+ CPU, 2.19 GHz
with a fantastic cooler when it works.
During the two years that I have owned this computer it has been very good to me. One trouble only in a home environment, where you are supposed to have it on most of the time... It goes noisier as it collects dust. What do I mean? Well, I thought that the fan wheels that collected dust on them would be the reason as well as the perforated cover of the computer, that also collected a little dust in the holes.

My latest discovery, which is aggravating to HP, I think, is that dust collects behind the CPU fan between the fins of the air cooler to the extent that I guess that no air at all would penetrate through the dust layer. This made the fan rev of cause to top speed, and there came the noise. After taking away the dust the fan goes on low speed almost all the time.

No, the machine is not located in a dusty workshop but in a library/study. I wonder what would have happened if I had not cleaned the cooler? Would I have broken the CPU? My advice to all common home users of this computer and maybe all with highpowered processors. Have a PC Workshop clean the machine maybe once a year!

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Good advice, but this is a simple job that any moderately talented person can do quickly and well at home.
If you hadn't cleaned it, you'd eventually get some overheating problems, which could cause any number of problems from shutting down to burning out components.

You can purchase canned air at most hardware stores now. This is the best way to clean out those nooks and crannies. If you are blowing out a fan try placing a pencil through the blades to keep it from spinning while you clean it. Using a vacuum cleaner is very risky as it is a natural static electricity generator.

possibly you could use a air compressor to blow it thru but i dont know what kinda damage that would do anyone else for air compressor's

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