I have an old emachine T2542 with a Celeron 2.5 Processor 400 MHZ FSB. The spec sheet states that it uses PC 2100 memory but when I ran a Aida32 System progam, it stated that PC 2700 ram was installed. Three years ago I went ahead and installed more 2700 ram and everything is well.

As the motherboard will accept up to 2GB, I'm looking at adding more. However, I began thinking that since PC2100 was specified, that my purchase should be the 2100 to boost performance.

Our other desktops are more current brand names, but this unit is used on occassion by others.

Your thoughts?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

stick with the 2100, i can't remember what the rule is but the mhz of the ram shouldn't be higher than the cpu FSB, can't tell ya for sure. I do know it runs hotter, at least in my laptop (which is 533mhz i think) i put in 6-something and it runs about 5 degrees f Hotter...i dunno :P

But if you already have a 2700 working on it for a while now i would assume yuo should be ok getting more 2700 to add to it. You know for a fact that it works so i dont see any issues there. Obviously there could be issues if you mix up 2700 and 2100 sticks as ideally you should have only one type of ram to work on.


sometimes user manuals states recommended ram but that doesnt mean that, thats your limitation.If pc2700 is what youve been using and your the machine likes it than you can remain with pc2700