Hey guys

Thought I'd post the problems I've been having, maybe someone can help me out. I have a quite decent PC, specs:

Win XP
4600+ amd dual core
7600 GT
2gigs of RAM - (1gb + 2x 512)
250 gb harddrive
M-Audio Audiophile 192 soundcard

The computer isn't connected to the Internet at all, and never has been. I use it for producing music, and the odd game.
The problem I have is when I play LOTR - Battle for Middle Earth 2 + the Rise of the Witch King Expansion pack. The game used to run fine...but now it freezes after about 5 minutes...and the sound goes rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, then the computer switches off.
Then when I try and switch it on again it goes through the options like safe mode, last know working config etc. Then it goes to the XP screen where XP appears to start to load...then I see a flashing blue screen for a split second and the computer restarts again. Sometimes it goes through this cycle 3-4 times before I can finally log in again, and sometimes I have to open the PC, take out the graphics card and re-seat it before it will get to the log in screen...which has lead me to believe it is a graphics problem.
It has frozen before at other times, such as video encoding, or when I'm using FL studio (which can take a lot of CPU).
If anyone can shed any light on what I could do, then that would be great.


hi ricky,,,dont be upset cz every problem must have a soloution :) and lets try some of them
1_if the problem is with those games only try simply to reinstall them

2_try to re install the driver for ur graphic card

3_try to remove the rams and install them again,,

any way is the problem happens with other games ?

it could be a windows problem and u may have to format ur pc,,but any way try to get a graphic card from a friend to try it and see if the problem happens ,,try those tips and tell me what happens
best regards:)

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