not really a technical person, so not very sure how to explain this and please remember that when replying.

I was using my laptop to watch a DVD when my one yr old decided it would be fun to turn it off:mad: , when I hit the restart button it made its usual noises but the screen never came on. I have been randomly trying to restart but nothing has changed. I have read a few of these trying to find some-one with my problem and some people mention beeps, mine dose do three short beeps if that means anything I havent noticed them before though. I haven't fiddled with anything, as that seems to be the basic problem to most issues on here I thought I should mention that.

Please help my whole life is in this laptop. :rolleyes:

Re: Toshiba laptop wont start up 80 80

toddlers eh...

Open your machine and have a good look at the keyboard. i want you to have a look at it very closely.

On the Keyboard very near the top you should have a set of 10-12 Function keys listed as F1, F2 and so on. On one of these keys there should be a little pictogram of 2 screens with a / in the middle of them. Do you see it?

Now look for another key on the board that had the letters Fn printed on it. Press the Fn and the Function key number as referred to above together on startup. this should i hope bring back the life to your laptop screen.

if this wont work then there is a chance that your laptop's graphics adaptor might have gone or something has come misplaced in which case you will need to shell out some money and take it to a technician to repair.

either way it will work again and please try to remember that toddlers and laptops really dont mix very well. My friends toddler pulled off her space bar when i was round hers then presented me with it. luckily i know how to refit these things.

Re: Toshiba laptop wont start up 80 80

thankyou to everyone for your help. I had a friend check it out today and found it was some dust on the battery, like I said not a technical person.

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