I have just finished putting my computer together. I was all excited that it was done. I turned the computer on and everything runs, the fans lights etc. but there is no display. I know its not the ram because i just replaced it with some that i know works. Could it be the video card. I am really pissed that the thing isnt working. Help me please

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Trouble shooting questions: (Laugh if you want, but these things do happen!)
1) Is the monitor plugged in to the wall and computer?
2) Is the monitor turned on?
3) Have you checked for bent pins on the monitor?
4) Does the computer work with another monitor?
5) Have you shut off the power and waited a while? (I have a video card that cannot handle reboots. I don't know why, it just can't.)

Back to basics.

Remove or disconnect everything except:

Processor and heatsink/fan
1 RAM module
Display card (and the monitor of course :D)

Get the system completing POST with just that, and then connect up other components one by one, checking to see that it still completes POST.

Connect up the hard drive last if Windows is already installed on it.

hi...my computer is no display...when i tured on...it appears.......safe test..monitor is working...3 color is appears...help me...

your saying that your computer is no display when you turn on i want to help you im computer technician..if you want to talk to me just add me in my yahoomessenger...
darphean_21@yahoo.com i will help you ok...just leave a message and i will give you the step

Just three days ago i used my pc betterly, but now it had a problem. When i start it then no screen was appeared. I checked ram, graphics card, & also monitor plug. There was no problem. I don't know what from the problem appear. If any one help me about that matter then i'll be thanksfull to him/her.

monitor wont connect. Message says cable unpluged but it is on. Used to go ok.

A component in the computer (such as a graphics card) may have overheated. In older computers, the fans were very powerful (remember the loud computers of yesteryears?). Now the manufacturers assume that computers sit in air-conditioned comfort all day. So they have reduced the power of these fans that are used to cool the hardware. Follow these procedures to see if that is the problem.

a. Shut down your computer and monitor.
b. Turn on the air-conditioning and install an additional fan in the room if possible
c. After a pause of 15 – 30 minutes, restart the monitor and then the computer.
d. If it was a problem of overheating, the computer screen should now show the system booting normally.

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Its so simple just try putting external graphics card.. whether it is compatible of an AGP or PCI slot.. but I think computer nowadays has an AGP slot in it, so there you go, after installing the VGA card, try turning it on, and wait for result.

my pc give noise when i turn on it when i press the rams it will off but give no display on monitor

What do you mean when you press the rams and where does the noise come from?

i already experience this problem in my computer, i connect all the things that needs to connect in cpu but suddenly when i turn on the computer it has no display.

i think your onboard graphic chipset is dead.
try a vpg card.

one time this happend to my hp labtop, intel vga chipset is dead.

hello sir actually in motherboard which one is the display ic in the motherboard

Hi..iHELP!!!!I just put together my first computer and its not booting up..HELP Please

- Check your memory card and graphics card, whether they are well seated.
- Replace the 3v motherboard battery.


if the monitor wire is connected to the UPS (if you have) and if there is some low voltage in the UPS, you may experience the same. also, do check your graphic card. no need to check the ram, its something to do with the power supply to the monitor.

there are several things of which this problem occures.

  1. ram slot got dirt.
  2. ram is dead.
  3. ram is not compatible.
  4. ram slot is not working anymore.
  5. VGA gone dead.
  6. VGA slot stopped working.
  7. power cable isn't supplying enough power which is required.
  8. processor is dead.

I just built a new computer it is a AMD 6 core a gigabit mb and 16gigs of ram a nd a 1gig video card but when i turn it on every thing powers up but i cant get a display.

My onboard vga in not working so my monitor is not coming on. What else can I use for monitor display despite the VGA Graphic cards which is expensive. Is there a plug in display card that I can slot in the PCI slot on the mother board.

after you have checked those six components:- 1)ram,,2)hard disk,,3)processor,,4)battery,,5)power supply(replace with the new one),,6)onboard chipset(replace with express or external graphics accelerator)..and you still getting the same things, that means this is caused of z;-

1)motherboard's main chipset weak or spoiled
2)BIOS chips
3)broken capacitor
4)damaged LED

try using computer analyzer to check the internal components condition

my pc has no display, and when i checked the Ram and video card are both good what was the solution for this pls help

pc dont work without graphic card when i unplug my graphic card my PC dont display anything but yes the system is working though??? is my MotherBoard gone?
I got i5 760 @ 2.80 Ghz and 4 gb ram with radeon HD 5450 1gb ddr3 graphic card

yes you can buy a internal vga card which can be installed in your pci slot and its cost also not more than 500/-

No your motherboard is OK but the vga card which is inbuilt in your motherboard is gone so its not working

I have similar problem in my ancient MS DOS PC since a month.

My pc display goes of randomly but it seems that something is running in the background after i restart my pc it runs back to normal, what could be the problem?
My graphic card recently worn out and i was not getting the display from it so the company replaced me with a new 1 and now when ever i turn on my pc switches on as normal for a second and turns off and again after few seconds it turns on automatically without doing anything?
6gb ram 2gb X 3
is the basic one i thing 450W (foxin)

I am Jibby and a developer and love my work i am very happy to join this forum this is very informative and a great community.

Khanbaba123 you are right:
there are several things of which this problem occures.

ram slot got dirt.
ram is dead.
ram is not compatible.
ram slot is not working anymore.
VGA gone dead.
VGA slot stopped working.
power cable isn't supplying enough power which is required.
processor is dead.

Your Monitor would not be connect with the CPU.

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