Hi, I have a problem I need advise for. MY computer was turning itself off. This problem started out a couple of times a day and then escalated to every 10 minutes. The computer did not restart itself. I replaced the power supply and this seemed to fix the problem but the next day the computer now reboots randomly. At present it is every few hours. Not sure where to start with sorting this out. Any ideas would be great
Thanks Desley

Just discovered that the computer is rebooting when I bump it. I will check the connections I may have been unlucky to have received a faulty power supply

can't see any loose connections, how likely would it be a faulty power supply?

Its possible, but less likely in the event that you have already swapped it out......what makes you think its a hardware issue?

99.9% of random reboots are related to buggy software installs or Malware!

Another possibility is CPU overheating from a number of reasons, mainly being a huge dust build up around the heatsink and fan.

Take a look here and try some of the suggestions: http://ask-leo.com/why_does_my_computer_randomly_reboot_without_warning.html

thanks for the reply. The first problem may have been overheating not sure. but after I replaced the power supply it only rebooted if I bumped the case. I have put back the old power upply and cleaned the fan, will see how long it stays running for ( does not reboot if the case if bumped)


If bumping seems to be an issue i would probably double check that the CPU is seated correctly and the heatsink is secure.

This area can be very sensitive especially after a good thorough cleaning of built up dust etc around the socket.

If necessary, remove the heatsink and CPU from the socket, re-apply thermal paste and reseat correctly.

Double check that all RAM modules and expansion cards and power/data cables to all devices are seated correctly whilst you have the towers side cover off!


If you have to bump it to make it work, it is definitely a hardware related issue.

Are you sure it is not a software issue?