I have a presario 2100 series laptop, and i am trying to run the quickrestore disks to restore the hard drive to the factory image. i have started the process with disk one, and it shut down after about 16%- now it doesn't have the operating system it needs to run the computer, so it can't start up at all now, and every time i try to boot from the quickrestore cds, it shuts down after about 11-16% completion. any suggestions/help? i tried removing the battery and running on solely ac power, didn't make a difference.

it got to disk 3 -about 35% done- then shut down... had to start all over, and now it is only getting to about 15% before it shuts down. how do i stop it from shutting down so i can finish the quickrestore?

Why not try to do a fresh install instead of the restore as you would not have any valueable data when you restore it to the factory image of the drive. I bet you wouldnt have any issue if you do a fresh install. I d say you could have a bad HDD which is maybe causing the shut downs during the whole restore process.


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