I have a Compaq Presario 501NR that I bought from Best Buy in March of 2007. We went on a trip to New Orleans a couple of days ago and when I went to plugged it in at the Hilton, it would not power on. The battery has been bad, but the power cord usually turns it on fine. I have never had any problems with this laptop. I tried a new universal cord from Office Depot, but nothing still. The light comes on that shows the battery is still charging, but the on switch will do nothing. PLEASE HELP !!!

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Take the battery out for a few minutes (10-15), then try to power up the system off the power cable. Don't reinstall the battery.

I did this and it did not work, but I cleaned off where the battery connects, re-installed the battery after 15 min. and it worked just fine. Thanks so much.

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