I started mt laptop ( Windows Vista) today and for some reason it will not accept my password at the login screen.
I have not done anything unusual but have noticed it is crashing a lot lately.
Please help me .

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This won't work if you used the Administrator account for yourself when you first used the computer (and it may not work anyway, but it's my suggestion):
1. Boot up the computer
2. Press F2. Choose "Safe Mode With Command Prompt"
3. Wait a while...when the screen comes up, choose yourself first and try your password. If that doesn't work, go to the account labeled "Administrator". If you didn't use it, there might not be a password. If you did set a password, try to remember it.
4. When command prompt comes up, type "net user" and press enter
5. Note what your account is called. Then type "net user (account name here; if it has a space in it, enclose it in quotes)*" (don't forget the asterisk at the end)
6. It will ask for a password for that user. Type in the desired password.
7. Reboot normally and try the password you put in.

If that doesn't work, I can't help you anymore, but it's worth a try.

It does not allow me to ge to safe mode in any form.
When I select safe mode it goes through the wait process but then goes to the regular login screen.
This is really weird!

Well, that is safe mode. It first comes up as the login screen, and then goes into command prompt when you log in. Anyway, is there an account labeled "Administrator" when you get to that screen?

And if that doesn't work, try logging in to any other accounts on the computer, if there are any, and then run a virus scan. If no viruses appear...

Well, that is safe mode. It first comes up as the login screen, and then goes into command prompt when you log in. Anyway, is there an account labeled "Administrator" when you get to that screen?

No administrator account listed.
I am sorry to be a pest but I really want to know what would cause a password not to work in Vista.
I did not forget my password!
But, suddenly it will not work.
Is that caused by a bug, a corrupt file?
Should I be looking to do a repair install?
Can I do a repair install with Vista?

It could be a virus...if there are any other accounts on the computer, try running a virus scan. If not, I have no other ideas, sorry

Next time remember to create at Least TWO admin accounts for safety. That will help in case of problem in one account.

Since problem is at hand, the best way to handle it is learning here:
and check password plugin:

add that one and boot with disk and you will be able to change password with it!
Note: Be respectful to others' privacy as this CD is very powerful yet dangerous.

I truly appreciate your sharing this information with me!
I will study the tutorial and learn about how to use the BartPE and the password plugin.
But, will this work with Windows Vista?

anything from w2k to Vista
Don't worry very simple
1. Install PEbuilder
2. download and add password plugin via PEbuilder (Cab not zip)
3.Build ISO image
4. Burn image to disc
5. Boot disc with defective computer
NB: For native XP-like enviroment, consider adding XPE plugin

Hope you will make it

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