Hi, I have C: as my main drive and D: partition for backups. Whenever I double-click on either drive at My Computer, it always says Access is Denied! I found it out the day after my brother connected a USB flash drive on the computer.
I scanned my PC with Norton antivirus (I don't have an antivirus installed before the problem). What it has tracked was the worm VBS.Solow.B only. I searched info about it but there's no sign of its symptoms. Perhaps it's not related to the problem then. I can't make System Restore coz I have just turned it off as what the site says to remove the worm. The worm is gone but the problem still exists.
I'm getting paranoid that it might be a virus and will infect my important files.
Help please.

ok so you brother infected you pc. Restoring to a previous point will not help, the system volume is one of the main areas affected with worms and viruses. so when you do a restore you still have the same problem.you need to run a few programs to get this fix. (the super experts on this will help you further) as for the virus program that you installed AFTER the infection, will not do much good..
turn of system restore
down load and run these programs.
trojan Hunter

then use AVg free to scan then use an online scanner kapersky or panda

Thanks for the quick reply. My Internet connection has become very very slow that I couldn't open any site and other online programs. The only programs that run are Skype, Limewire and Google Talk. I ran CCleaner and TrojanHunter but TH update doesn't work. I installed Kaspersky and it removed imgkulot.reg virus, which my previous AV failed to detect. The virus is gone but C: couldn't still be explored or opened by double-clicking, plus I was so sick of the slow Internet connection. Desperate, I decided to reformat the PC. Now the Internet connection is back to normal! The virus has slowed it down to like almost no connection at all.

Thanks for the help. God bless!