Well in the last week, me computer has started to play up a bit it keeps freezing.

I have never had any problems like this before, right before it freezes i hear a noise, it almost sounds like something is turning off inside...

Any ideas???

Is your computer a laptop or desktop. It could be a overheating issue. Now when does this usually happens, I know you said random, but may be it does this while running a particular program. Also give us the specs of your machine for us to help you out as well mate.


yes overheating is a main suspect,dust inside your case can also cause this behaviour so do look inside your pc to see if thats the case.also whilest in there see if there is proper coolin ie fans working etc.

Hi guys thanks for your reply,

My computer spec is:

Emachines 2220
Celeron(R) CPU 2.70GHz
1 x 40GB Hard Disk
1 x 160GB Hard Disk
1 x DVD-RW Drive


The crashes just happen at random and i have checked for dust, there are 2 fans inside the case and the both still run after this noise happens,

Today my computer crashed and went to a black screen, this was displayed:

Pri Master Hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T, Status BAD, Backup And Replace, Press F4 To Resume.

Im guessing this is the problem, does the hard drive need to be replaced? or will a format fix it??


Make sure your data is all backed up as you dont want to lose it in case sommin does go wrong withthe hard disk. Maybe the noise is the failing hard drive then as well.


try to track where exactly the noise is coming from when it freezes.according to what you telling me sound like its coming from HD,if you can track it down and find it coming from HD than you have a winner.Good things with HD's is they dont always die brutally just like that,it will always make a noise(like a spinining noise) untill one day...shame sounds so sad...he dies
see what you can come up with and drop a post