I just bought a motherboard(used) for my 5150 Inspiron. It was apparently from a 1100 series unit. It will not boot with the CPU (3.86GHz IntelP4) from the 5150 nor will allow me to use the Video card from the 5150. Is there some way to flash the BIOS so that the MB will recognize and use the new parts from the 5150?
The MB is a Dell Inspiron 1100 1150 5100 5150 Motherboard 2.4GHZ @BIOS rev A29.
Is it possible to flash a 1100 MB with a 5150 BIOS update?
Thanx in advance.

i can't believe that i am about to say this, but... you may want to contact dell support and see if they offer a Bios upgrade for the 1100. tell them you are a technician and they will send you to a little more advanced computer help.

If you are just trying to put the 5150 BIOS on the 1100 you might be able to download the Bios update for the 5150 and flash it on the 1100. i don't see why not. as long as the 1100 and the 5150 have roughly the same hardware on the board it should be ok. it is worth a shot.

Thanx 4 the input. I guess I'll swallow my pride and give them a call. I don't want to blow the BIOS w/ the wrong update.

Yea that's always the best idea. when in doubt turn to some one smarter than yourself. and who better than the people that made it. plus they should have all the specs of your computer on file and should be able to tell you pretty quick.

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